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National Service Contract Insurance Company Risk Retention Group Inc. (NSCIC)Founded in 1995, NSCIC specializes in the automotive service contract industry, allowing us to be a leader in our ability to assist marketers and producers in maximizing their production and profits. As a risk retention group company, NSCIC is able to operate in most states. We utilize only the highest quality service providers including Crowe, LLP for auditing, GPW & Associates for actuarial review, and Louis H. Kasloff Esq. for insurance counsel.


NSCIC offers a complete range of products & services for extended service contract producers in the automobile, RV, marine, power sport and other industries including:

Product Development

  • Underwriting
  • Insurance
  • Claims Handling
  • Data Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Add on Products

Although NSCIC has many models in place, we pride ourselves in our ability to create customized programs for new and emerging products and markets.

Management Team

  • President
    Breanne Morley
  • Treasurer
    Anthony Levinson
  • Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer
    Michael T. Rogers
  • Assistant Secretary
    Renee Lague
  • Secretary
    Suzanne Moon