Make Your Choice

Routine maintenance costs can be expensive and time consuming, which is why some owners never perform the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled services. Now, you can plan ahead with NorthStar Choice, the convenient and affordable way to pre-pay for regular maintenance in accordance with the owner’s manual.


  • Covers the costs of regular service visits and prevent high cost repairs
  • Routine maintenance made easy
  • Save BIG on retail prices

This webpage is intended to provide general information only. Complete terms and conditions are contained in the Maintenance Agreement. Please read it for complete details. The Administrator for NorthStar Choice is Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc., P.O. Box 724707 Atlanta, Georgia 31139. NorthStar by RevolosTM is a trademark of Interstate National Corporation.

Getting coverage is easy

Dealers are trained and equipped to properly service your vehicle. By returning to your authorized dealer, you can rest assured that the right service gets done by the right people with the right tools. It’s the right way to keep your ride running smooth.

Maintenance Program

If it moves, we cover it.