Getting Coverage is Easy

We’ve revolutionized service contracts to make it simpler than ever to protect your finances from the impact of unexpected mechanical repairs. RpmPlus Auto by Revolos is offered by qualified dealerships only at the time of purchase. Don’t miss your opportunity for great coverage at great prices!

  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE We offer a wide array of options, deductibles, and terms to suit your needs
  • NATIONWIDE PROTECTION Repairs can be performed by any authorized repair facility in the U.S. and Canada
  • TOLL FREE ASSISTANCE Help is just a free phone call away; courteous, professional customer service personnel and claims advisors are standing by to solve any difficulty you may encounter
  • TRANSFERABLE PROTECTION Coverage is transferable for a modest fee, helping improve the resale value of your vehicle
  • DIRECT PAYMENT We directly reimburse the repair facility that performs covered repairs by credit card
  • AFFORDABLE & CONVENIENT Often less per year than the repair costs for a single breakdown
  • CAR RENTAL Pays for the expense of a rental vehicle when your vehicle is in service for covered repairs
  • EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Up to $100 per occurrence, even if there is no service contract claim for: towing & wrecker service; flat tire change; emergency gas delivery; battery jump start; key lockout service
  • WEAR & TEAR Provides for repair or replacement of components worn beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances
  • SEALS & GASKETS Provides for repair or replacement of leaking seals & gaskets, if needed, when associated with repairs of a covered part
  • TRAVEL EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT Helps offset the cost of lodging and meals if a covered failure occurs when you are traveling away from home
  • OPTIONAL BENEFITS • Business/Commercial Vehicle Use Coverage • Snow Plow Equipped Vehicle (Personal Use) • Consequential Damage • Modified Vehicle Coverage: Lift Kits/Tires • Luxury Electronics included with • Diamond & Platinum

This webpage is intended to provide general information only. Complete terms and conditions are contained in the Contract. Please read it for complete details. The Administrator/Provider for RpmPlus Auto is National Warranty Corp, P.O. Box 7668, Springfield, OR 97475. This coverage is not available in Florida. The Provider/Administrator for Emergency Roadside Assistance benefits is SafeRide Motor Club Inc., 13901 Midway Rd, Suite 102 – 429, Dallas, TX, 75244-4388.
Revolos™ , RpmPlus™ , and RpmPlus by Revolos™ are trademarks of Interstate National Corporation.

Getting coverage is easy

We’ve revolutionized service contracts to make it easier than ever to protect your finances from the impact of unexpected mechanical repairs. Get the right coverage at the right price with a RpmPlus Auto vehicle service contract.

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