• NO-COST COVERAGE That’s right—the protection is provided at no cost to you. Coverage includes the most critical and expensive parts of your vehicle.
  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE We offer a wide array of affordable options to upgrade your coverage for even more protection. Financing is also available.
  • NATIONWIDE PROTECTION Repairs can be performed by any authorized repair facility in the U.S. and Canada.
  • TOLL-FREE ASSISTANCE Help is just a free phone call away. Courteous, professional customer service personnel and claims advisors are standing by to solve any difficulty you may encounter. Consult your dealership for coverage details.



For even more coverage and peace of mind, consider upgrading for additional protection. All RpmPlus Liberty vehicles are eligible instantly, and the costs are easy to include in your monthly financing payments.


Breakdowns can break the bank. A RpmPlus Vehicle Service Contract upgrades your limited warranty to cover your vehicle for nearly every mechanical component in case of an unexpected breakdown. A variety of coverage levels are available to fit your budget, protecting your wallet from unforeseen repair bills.

Upgrades are available only at the time of purchase.
Don’t miss your opportunity for great coverage at great prices!

*Refer to your limited warranty for a complete list of coverage details and exclusions.

This webpage is intended to provide general information only. Complete terms and conditions are contained in the Contract. Please read it for complete details. The Administrator/Provider for RpmPlus Auto is National Warranty Corp, P.O. Box 7668, Springfield, OR 97475. This coverage is not available in Florida. The Provider/Administrator for Emergency Roadside Assistance benefits is SafeRide Motor Club Inc., 13901 Midway Rd, Suite 102 – 429, Dallas, TX, 75244-4388.
Revolos™ , RpmPlus™ , and RpmPlus by Revolos™ are trademarks of Interstate National Corporation.

Getting coverage is easy

Your dealership is part of an elite network that provides RpmPlus Liberty, a valuable program that helps protect your investment. It’s an extra level of comfort that covers your vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. The limited warranty offers coverage for the most expensive parts of your vehicle—and is good anywhere you drive in the U.S. or Canada. Consult your dealership for coverage details.

Limited Warranties

If it moves, we cover it.