EXCLUSIVE Coverage Level

Protection for nearly all mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, except a short list of excluded items. It’s the most comprehensive coverage type available.


Diamond is the ultimate coverage program. This plan covers virtually every factory installed or factory approved dealer installed component in your RV, except the short list of items listed under “Exclusions” in the contract. Most items excluded are maintenance and trim items.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Included!

Provides coverage up to $100 per occurrence even if there is no service contract claim. Included are Towing, Battery Boost, Flat Tire Assistance, and Gasoline/Fluid Delivery.

Exclusive Coverage levels cover the costs to repair or replace all covered components which cause a covered failure, except for exclusions. Please refer to your service contract for a complete list of coverages and exclusions.

Exclusions include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance services and parts as required by the vehicle manufacturer including, but not limited to, batteries; shock absorbers; tune-up; spark plugs; glow plugs; brake pads, shoes and linings; brake rotors and drums; alignments; wheel balancing; belts; hoses; manual transmission clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, release fork and throw-out bearing.
  • All exhaust and emission components, except those specified as covered; weather strips; all trim items, moldings, handles and knobs; upholstery; carpet; paint; bumpers; body sheet metal and panels; tires and wheels/rims; glass; sealed beams; light bulbs; air bags; wiper blades, nuts, bolts and fasteners.
  • Storage fees; hazardous waste disposal fees; shop supply charges; part shipping costs; part research fees; any unauthorized repair.
  • Any failure caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, lack of customary maintenance; sludge buildup; failure to protect the unit from further damage when a failure has occurred; improper towing; failure to maintain proper levels of fluids, lubricants or coolant; any failure resulting from collision; theft; vandalism; lightning; freezing; hail damage; water damage; rust or corrosion.

Motor Home Coverage Comparison

  Diamond Platinum Gold
Suspension (Front & Rear)
Seals and Gaskets
Air Conditioning
Heating / Cooling
Fuel Delivery
Chassis Frame (Metal only)
Interior and Exterior
Water Heater
Waste System
Fresh Water System
Air Conditioning (Roof mounted 110V or central)
L.P. Gas / Propane System
Heating System
Auxiliary Powerplant/Generator*
Air Brakes (Gasoline Powered Units Only)
Diesel Engine Package (Front or Rear)
Seals & Gaskets (New/Extended Eligibility Units Only)

Additional Coverage


For even more protection, add these options to your coverage plan:

See contract for details.

  Diamond Platinum Gold
$1,000 Towing Option
Air Brakes
Commercial Use (New/Extended Eligibility Only)
Consequential Damage
Diesel Engine Package (Front & Rear)
Flat Panel TV (Plasma/LCD/LED)
Leveling System (Hydraulic/Electric)
Luxury Component
Luxury Electronics
Seals & Gaskets (Used Units)
Slide-Out Room(s)
Wear & Tear for Chassis (Used units)
Lost Key/Lockout Assistance

This webpage is intended to provide general information only. Complete terms and conditions are contained in the Contract. Please read it for complete details. The Administrator/Provider for RpmPlus Auto is National Warranty Corp, P.O. Box 7668, Springfield, OR 97475. This coverage is not available in Florida. The Provider/Administrator for Emergency Roadside Assistance benefits is SafeRide Motor Club Inc., 13901 Midway Rd, Suite 102 – 429, Dallas, TX, 75244-4388.
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