Getting Coverage is Easy

We’ve revolutionized service contracts to make it simpler than ever to protect your
finances from the impact of unexpected mechanical repairs.
RpmPlus Sport by Revolos is offered by qualified dealerships only at the time of purchase.
Don’t miss your opportunity for great coverage at great prices!


The Advantages are Awesome

Every RpmPlus Sport service contract delivers numerous benefits.
Consult your service contract terms and conditions for detailed explanations.

  • ZERO DOLLAR DEDUCTIBLE Covered repairs are reimbursed in full, no out of pocket deductible expense
  • TRANSFERABLE PROTECTION** Coverage is transferable, helping improve the resale value of your unit
  • EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE Everything is covered under your plan—except the short list of excluded items†
  • AFFORDABLE & CONVENIENT Often less per year than the repair costs for a single breakdown
  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE We offer a wide array of options and terms to suit your needs
  • ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE* Help is on the way with a simple call for service
  • NATIONWIDE PROTECTION Repairs can be performed by any licensed facility in the U.S. and Canada
  • RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT* Costs for a rental during your repairs are available
  • DIRECT PAYMENT We provide direct reimbursement to the facility that performs covered repairs
  • TRAVEL EXPENSES* Helps offset the costs of travel related to covered repairs
  • PICK-UP & DELIVERY** Coverage to get your unit to and from the repair shop

*On-road Motorcycles/Scooters only
**Motorcycles/Jetboats/Watercraft only

†Refer to your service contract for a complete list of coverage details and exclusions.

This webpage is intended to provide general information only. Complete terms and conditions are contained in the Contract. Please read it for complete details. The Administrator/Provider for RpmPlus Auto is National Warranty Corp, P.O. Box 7668, Springfield, OR 97475. This coverage is not available in Florida. The Provider/Administrator for Emergency Roadside Assistance benefits is SafeRide Motor Club Inc., 13901 Midway Rd, Suite 102 – 429, Dallas, TX, 75244-4388.
Revolos™ , RpmPlus™ , and RpmPlus by Revolos™ are trademarks of Interstate National Corporation.

Getting coverage is easy

We’ve revolutionized service contracts to make it easier than ever to protect your finances from the impact of unexpected mechanical repairs. Get the right coverage at the right price with a RpmPlus Sport vehicle service contract.

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