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Our courses are the cornerstones used to build upon your knowledge of our F&I solutions, ultimately improving your performance while in front of the customer. All industry experience levels welcome!

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About our Classes

Our classes are highly interactive and give real-world application for in-person sales. You will participate in role-play, develop objection handling skills when speaking live with prospects, and receive expert feedback. Our instructors have decades of experience in the industry.


Peter Chafetz Director of Corporate Training

Peter brings more than 30 years of automotive VSC and ancillary product sales and training leadership experience to the Revolos team. His previous roles afforded him the opportunity to build a solid foundation in the industry focused on improving training capacity and overall sales process improvement.

With both direct sales and independent agent sales team experience, Peter has been a knowledgeable and frequent contributor to several industry publications, as well as an NADA presenter.

Learning Adds Value

Experience has taught us that success in our industry is not as product based as it is process based. We firmly believe customer experience is the most important factor that separates us from the competition. As a result, we invest in the success of our partners through regional and on-site training events, in addition to live webinars. Our process promotes the specific human factors that make our products resonate through in-person interactions with consumers. Since 1965, this “consumer first” approach has improved product penetration while vastly enhancing the consumer’s buying experience.

F&I Certification

The fundamental foundations covered in this course are aimed at both novice and tenured F&I professionals. This live, 3 day course is geared to lift your current F&I production by focusing on the psychology of the sale, while reviewing the key areas of:

  • Modern sales psychology
  • Product knowledge
  • Overcoming objections
  • Compliance awareness

Video role play will be a heavy component of this workshop. Attendees will receive an evaluation, and our trainers will provide phone and/or web follow-up meetings at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals.

View Upcoming Classes

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